Prevention of Corruption


Energy cells is implementing the strategic energy project important for Lithuania – it is going to integrate the energy storage facilities system of total power of 200 Megawatts (MW) and capacity of 200 Megawatt Hours (MWh) into the Lithuanian energy system. Energy cells shall erect four energy storage devices of 50 MW power and 50 MWh capacity each in transformer substations in Vilnius, Šiauliai, Alytus and Utena. The energy storage facilities system is necessary to ensure the safety of the Lithuanian energy system and its capacity to operate in the isolated regime.

In implementation of this project, the company complies with strict transparency standards. We do not tolerate any manifestations of corruption, acceptance, giving or offering of inappropriate benefit, its promising or demand in abuse of the held office. Besides, Energy cells does not tolerate any offers or acceptance of inappropriate privileges, trade in impact, inappropriate influence on protection of relatives, spouses or friends, because we endeavour at making decisions free of any influence on personal interests or personal benefit.

The prevention of corruption at Energy cells is based on the national legal acts and independent commitments exceeding them:

  • The manager of Energy cells shall be directly responsible for implementation of anti-corruption means and serve as a role model to the employees;
  • We are applying proportionate anti-corruption procedures based on risk assessment;
  • We are conducting regular assessment of corruption-related risks and we are applying the means reducing corruption risk;
  • We are monitoring efficiency of anti-corruption activities and, if necessary, we introduce more effective measures.

Energy cells is complying with the Anti-Corruption Policy confirmed for the group of companies EPSO-G. It establishes the main principles of prevention of corruption, the requirements and guidelines, how to safeguard their compliance. Their implementation creates preconditions and conditions to implement the top standards of transparent business.

We endeavour at having only the employees of irreproachable character at Energy cells. As we assure their reliability, we are also creating the environment more resistant to corruption. The Law on Corruption Prevention of new wording that entered into effect on 1 January 2022 provides the duty to verify the list of jobs, regarding which the request to the Special Investigation Service (SIS) for information is filed. SIS provides information about the person in the scope defined in the law. When appointment of certain person to the position is considered, Energy cells assesses all the submitted and held information very carefully. The negligent, accidental facts or circumstances do not serve as the basis not to appoint person to certain office or to dismiss the person from certain office.

The information about violations of the legal acts and behavioural norms committed by managers and employees of Energy cells, violations of economic operations and accounting, bribery, jobbery, trade in impact, abuse of functions, conflicts of interests, nepotism and cronyism, and violations of principles of transparency, equality, non-discrimination, proportionality and impartiality should be notified:

by e-mail [email protected]

You may notify the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania directly about the corruption case by e-mail: [email protected]