Energy cells has presented the energy storage facilities system to the representatives of Vilnius City Municipality


Lietuvos žemėlapis

The company Energy cells that has to assure instantaneous energy reserve for Lithuania presented one of the projects of synchronisation with the continental European networks – the energy storage facilities system, to the representatives of Vilnius City on Monday. The energy storage facilities system that is the first in the Baltic States will reinforce reliability of the Lithuanian energy system and will enable independent work in the isolated regime. After the synchronisation with the CEN in 2025, the energy storage facilities will be used to integrate solar and wind energy into the domestic energy system.

The strategical object of the Lithuanian energy – the energy storage facilities system of total power of 200 Megawatts (MW) and capacity of 200 Megawatt Hours (MWh) – will consist of four 50 MW battery parks, one of which will be built in Litgrid substation located in Vilnius, Paneriai eldership. The operator of storage facilities, Energy cells, is going to build other three parts of the system in Siauliai, Alytus and Utena. The company is going to start providing the service of assurance of instantaneous isolated operation reserve of electricity system to the Lithuanian transmission system operator this December, and the construction works will be started in June.

“If needed to work in the isolated regime, the energy storage facilities would start supplying energy to the network immediately, as the latest and most advance technology of the 6th generation of the batteries of manufacturer Fluence was installed in them. It allows resuming electricity supply in 1 second only. At present, the instantaneous energy supply is secured by connection with Sweden. However, when we have the storage facilities system, we will assure instantaneous reserve ourselves, and we will be able to work in the isolated regime,” – said CEO of Energy cells, Mr. Rimvydas Stilinis, during the presentation.

The energy storage facilities are designed, will be made and connected to electricity transmission system by the consortium of leaders in the technological field – companies Siemens Energy and Fluence. The companies operating on the basis of joint venture have won the international competition for procurement of energy storage technologies and services of system installation announced by Energy cells. The contract of the value of 109 million euro was signed with them. According to this contract, the companies are going to provide the warrantied servicing and maintenance services for 15 years after having launched the system.

This project is among the key projects related to synchronisation of the Lithuanian and Baltic energy networks with continental Europe. Moreover, it is the first project of such scope in Lithuania, with regard to which financing was approved under the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) and the first project, the implementation of which with the help of this facility has been started.

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